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Low Prices on Xerox Brand HP LaserJet Replacement Toner Cartridges
Ink Business Products is proud to offer Xerox replacement laser toner cartridges for your HP LaserJet Printer. Here are some of the benefits of switching to these replacement cartridges.
  • Cost – Switching from an HP OEM cartridge to a Xerox replacement cartridge will save you 45-50%, without giving up a bit of quality or yield.
  • Technology – Xerox has leveraged the technology and know-how from it’s original cartridge business to bring you the best quality, low cost, replacement cartridges for your HP laser printer.
  • Performance – The yield for your Xerox replacement cartridge is equal to or better than an OEM replacement.
  • Reliability – Xerox replacement cartridges are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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CE505A / HP 05A C8543X / HP 43X C4127X CC364A Q5942X Q2612A TN-570 TN-460 Q1338A CE278A C4127X CE505X CE390A CC364X C8061X CE285A CB436A CC530A Q5949A Q5950A

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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Ink Cartridges

inkIn the past, you have no doubt heard people say that today it’s actually cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to go out and get a new ink cartridge for your printer. In many cases, this is actually true; just buying an entirely new printer (even if the old one is totally fine) can be more cost-effective than walking into the very same store and just buying ink instead. For anyone who does not want to fill up their home with unused printers, though, there are other equally cost-effective solutions such as purchasing refurbished cartridges.

Buying refurbished cartridges (as opposed to buying brand new ones) can be beneficial in several ways, including financially. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider shopping for cost-effective, high-quality re-manufactured ink printer cartridges:

Refurbished ink cartridges provide good quality replacements.

If you are careful to purchase from reputable office supply businesses, you will find that the refurbished ink cartridges they offer will be very similar to new, brand-name cartridges at a fraction to the price. Good refurbishing manufacturers make sure to use only the very highest quality supplies, equipment and procedures, ensuring that all of the cartridge parts are cleaned and refitted properly prior to being placed in refurbished ink cartridges.

The Price

As mentioned before, the re-manufactured ink cartridges are often a very economical choice. However, it’s important to distinguish between a good, economical deal and a “bargain” super cheap deal that is too good to be true. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably means the product is of inferior quality. Good quality re-manufactured ink cartridges should sell for somewhere in the range of 30% – 60% of the cost of the equivalent new cartridges. If the price is much lower than this, you most likely will be unhappy with the printing quality of the cartridge, and it may even be so inferior that it can damage your printer.

Going Green

A big benefit of buying refurbished ink cartridges is that they provide an environmentally responsible and effective alternative. When ink printer cartridges are not recycled and remanufactured, they are simply dumped in large landfill sites, where they may take up to a millennium to decompose. This addition to the accumulation of wasted, chemically-toxic landfill contents has a long-term negative impact on the environment, while recycling and re-furbishing these common office products will help to protect the quality of the world around us.

Additionally, the remanufacturing process uses far less non-renewable petroleum products than it takes to make new cartridges, so, considering the erratic and undependable cost of oil, buying refurbished cartridges can make good economic and environmental sense.

As you can see, there are several benefits to opting to purchase refurbished, remanufactured ink cartridges as opposed to buying brand new ones. When purchased from reputable dealers, recycled printer cartridges work as well, and are more economical than new brand-name cartridges. Add this to the helpful environmental impact, and you can see that choosing this option is truly the smartest choice.

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